Welcome To Taj Mahal

World famous authentic Indian food

We at Taj Mahal are dedicated to providing excellent authentic Indian food. Since Indian cuisine varies from region to region, we have tried to include a sampling of dishes from the entire country reflecting the varied taste of different regions. The recipes of entrees included are time tested with correct combination of herbs and spices.

We believe homemade food is always better. To serve the most authentic food, we make our own yogurt and cheese everyday. Our food is cooked with minimum oil and no MSG. We do not use any preservatives. Everything is cooked fresh from scratch in our kitchen. While practising authentic Indian cuisine, we also use our own imagination and creativity to introduce new and innovative dishes.

Not only does India offer wonders of the world like the Taj Mahal, it also offers wonderful food. The range of culinary delights are as varied as the land itself. The cuisine is as ancient as its civilisation, and has evolved over thousnads of years while absorbing influences from the Mughals, the Persians, the Zoroastrians and the Portuguese.

We hope you will have a satisfying dining experience at Taj Mahal restaurant. Since customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal, we welcome any comments or suggestions on ways to improve your dining experience.